Rio 2013: Home again - what next?

Welcome to this last survey about WYD 2013!

Looking back on WYD: What have you experienced in Rio and what do you think about it?
Please let us know!

Your memories and what you have seen, heard and experienced – all of that is of vital importance to future WYD.
Please complete the questionnaire and answer all the questions listed below.
You can save your answers and continue completing the questionnaire later, if you like.

This questionnaire consists of five paragraphs. Starting with some personal information about you and your religious upbringing (1) you can then tell us about your memories (2) and experiences (3) relating to WYD. Last but not least, there will be a few questions about your local parish and your ideas for the Church (4) as well as about your position towards discipleship and mission (5).

Of course your answers will be anonymized and treated confidentially.

Have fun!


A note on privacy
This survey is anonymous.
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